Eliminate Distractions

Save yours and everyone else on the road with our powerful "Friends Network" app that is free for download and use.  

Prevent distractions while driving and create your friends groups for quick and easy text messaging system.

Parental Client

Parental Client

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Real-Time Monitoring

Add Unlimited Loved Ones

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Silence Phone While Driving

Eliminate Distractions

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Text-To-911 Enhancement


Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor In Real-Time is essential nowadays.  Why send messages or make phone calls asking where are you.  Sometimes it's more frustrating to know the whereabouts and getting no reply back.  With Real-Time Monitoring you are able to see instantly see everyone.  In addition, you'll see how fast they are driving and make changes to the viewable map customizing it. 

Area Announcement

Setup area announcement is sometimes essential when you want to know when someone has arrived at a certain location.  Immediately when they entered into an area the parent will get an email and text message "So-N-So Has Arrived In Location XYZ".  You can create unlimited area announcements to unlimited patrons on your app.

Eliminate Distractions

Eliminating distractions while driving is the whole purpose behind this app.  Preset to whatever speed you wish before phone goes to silent.  If driver wants to set speed to 10 mph than phone will be silenced at speed or greater.  All phone calls will be sent to voicemail and an auto-response will tell caller that they are currently driving.  All text messages will be silenced until velocity of vehicle travels less than preset 10 mph.  Default speed is preset to 15 mph.  NOTE: NO CALLS OR TEXT MESSAGES WILL BE LOST.


Text-To-911 is a powerful way to send messages to law enforcement.  Sometimes calling isn't an option.  This feature allows the user to texted any message and send location coordinates via text messaging making quicker response times than calling.  User can choose from several options of importance: (Extremely High, High, Medium, Low, Extremely Low).


Review the history as far back from when the first time you installed the app onto your phone.  You'll be able to see on a map of all locations pins.  By clicking on the pins you'll see a date/time stamp along with the proceeding coordinates.


PrimaKeys has made a new industry standard for measuring potentials.  Potentials is when you're driving and measured based on the number of received phone calls and text messages.  Each call or message is a potential distraction leading to a potential or fatal accident.  You'll be able to select the start & end dates to see the round-up of potentials for both text messages and phone calls.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing is a useful and fun tool to tell family and friends of where you're at and what you're doing.  Users can add their unique message with no restriction on how long and post to their account.  Currently social sharing feature works with (Twitter & Facebook).  Email is another option but not considered part of the social sharing.


Flash SOS

Built-In Flash SOS is when you don't have a triangle kit in your vehicle.  Often truckers use a triangle kit along side of the road to warn other drivers.  Most modern drivers don't have triangle kits so we've developed a way to warn other drivers on the road especially at night called Flash SOS.  Built-in flasher that will signal others on the road that you may need help or to stay clear.  SOS is military grade flasher (Morse Code) that the United States Navy uses to communicate between ships via line-of-sight without using radios.

Friends Group

Create unlimited groups and each group add unlimited friends/family/employees that you wish.  Each group you can send messages with Time/Date + Location of your whereabouts.  Great when you want large groups of your closest friends to know that you're at a bonfire or party or at a friend's/family's home, etc...

Free Downloads

Our "Friends Network" safety protection apps will always be free to use and download.

 However the "Parental Client" will require a low monthly fee but is cheaper if you purchase a subscription for 1 year.

Family Apps

Parental Client

Parental Client = For Parents/Guardians

Parental client is designed for parents to monitor their loved ones in real-time.  Parents are able to setup restrictions and get messages via (email & text messages) if the forbidden area are violated.




Friends Network = For Your Child/Friends/Everyone

Friends Network is designed to silence phones while driving preventing distractions.  In addition PrimaKeys has found a way to show "Preventables".  Preventables is measured in how many phone calls and text messages were sent to phone while the phone was in silenced mode.  Each detection is measured as a counter and continues to add each time someone tried to reach your loved ones while they were driving.

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